Domus Medica Utrecht

Merin invited us to transform office building “Domus Medica”, located at business park Papendorp in Utrecht, into a contemporary and welcoming working space.

After the transformation, the new central area will be the focus point and the heart of the building. Each of the new entrances lead to this area, so visitors will be guided towards the heart of the building in a natural way. The coffee bar is where guests will be welcomed with a cup of good coffee. They can comfortably sit down in the accompanying lounge and wait for their host to pick them up.

In the heart of the building a large staircase will be fitted with soft seating elements. These stairs can be used as a tribune during presentations and lectures, which makes it a multifunctional element in the building. On the ground floor a new restaurant is situated, named ‘Culina’. This restaurant serves as the main meeting area of Domus Medica where visitors can get in touch with each other and establish new connections. The layout of the restaurant has a variety of seating areas that are perfect for informal meetings or consults.

The first floor is an extension of the ground floor, in form and in function. The first floor also features a range of seating possibilities for meetings. Moreover, this space can be used as a ‘break out’ for the adjacent meeting facilities.

project details
1,510 m² café-restaurant, lobby and meeting spaces
Amsterdam Signpainters
Completed in Q1 2018