The team

Our team consists of a group of enthusiastic people with the ambition to continually look for the most optimal solution for each assignment. All disciplines involved work in a professional manner together. The heart of our office lies in the sense of family in which openness plays a key role.


 We greatly value this family structure regardless of the number of colleagues. To support this structure, we think it is important that our staff master a wide range of skills and have the opportunity to develop further all the time.

What we're good at

Mulderblauw architecten is active in the field of utility building, housing and interior design. We are currently designing various office buildings, distribution centres, data centres and a large number of hotels in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe. We view each commission from its own perspective, centred on dialogue with the client, the advisors, the colleagues and society.


Mulderblauw architecten makes a positive contribution to society through its designs. We arrive at well-considered buildings through a continuous dialogue between client and designer, and constant attention for the social aspects of design. No far-fetched concepts but inventive and functional designs. The result: smart buildings that respond to the occupants and their future.

Mulderblauw architecten is a Dutch firm set up in 1988. Since 2008 the office has operated under the directions of Robert Mulder.